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Are you looking for a ceiling rose that is super lightweight and is quick and easy to install?
Our ceiling centres are approximately 1/10th the weight of a heavy plaster one, but they retain all the intricate features of a traditional ceiling rose.

Perth's Ceiling & Cornice Experts

Installation & Repair

Our team carry out all types of installation, repair and upgrades to ceilings and walls. We install bulkhead ceilings and repair damaged ceilings, where possible. We can Gyprock plasterboard entire ceilings for you, and we plasterboard interior walls too. All your ceiling needs for inside and out.

Repair & Upgrade

Upgrade your plain cornices without ripping them out. Simply install one of our lightweight cornice moulding additions onto the edge of your existing cornice, no need to rip out, AND it permanently conceals the cornice cracking. We repair and restore traditional plaster cornices too.

Tile & Door Trims

Are you having a bathroom, kitchen or laundry renovation? Wanting to tile to the existing cornice or metal door frame but have a problem because the tiles stick out? We have designed our lightweight tile and door trims specifically to attach to the existing cornice and door frame, eliminating that problem.

Transform Metal Door Frames

Have you got ugly metal door frames in your home? Do you look and think “there is something missing, but what can I do?” We have exactly what you need. Just fit our lightweight door architraves to your existing door frames and watch those metal door frames transform.


Are your ceilings, cornice, and doorways a bit tired and dated? Are they in need of some TLC that ultimately doesn’t bust the budget? We have just what you need and, above all, it’s so affordable and stress free.

Upgrade and repair your tired, plain, cracked cornices. At the same time, transform your plain ugly metal door frames or install one of our light ceiling roses. Authentic Additions mouldings are ideally suited to any home improvement or renovation project. Furthermore, they enhance, transform, and add style and value to your home.

Why Choose Our Products?

Because Authentic Additions cornice additions simply fit to the edge of any of your old cornices. We are proud to say our cornice additions are the ONLY product that offer a PERMANENT solution to the nasty cracking we see above and below the cornice where it fixes to the wall. Our door frames fit to your existing plain metal door frames, hiding and transforming those ugly metal door frames forever. Authentic Additions mouldings are ideal as a DIY product, but we do offer an installation service as an alternative for those who are not keen to install our home improvement products.

Lightweight and ready to transport anywhere in Australia

Authentic Additions mouldings are extremely lightweight. Because of this, they can be transported cost effectively throughout Australia. As a result, we transport our goods regularly across to Eastern States. In addition, they come complete with a step by step installation video. A full support service is available also. Simply fill in the enquiry form or call our experts and join the list of satisfied customers.

Ceiling repair, installation and maintenance

Looking to install a new ceiling? Look no further, because as ceiling experts, we offer a complete ceiling repair, maintenance, and installation service. Authentic Additions, the one stop shop for all your ceiling and cornice needs.

Additional Skills

In addition to our unique PU mouldings, our team also:

  • Install bulkhead ceilings.
  • Refit cornice to bulkheads.
  • Match your existing original plaster cornices.
  • Repair damaged cornices
  • Gyprock plasterboard your ceilings and interior brick walls
  • We even patch holes in damaged ceilings and walls

No job is too big or too small for Perth's ceiling & cornice specialists. So what are you waiting for?