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Door Frames

Are you fed up with looking at your ugly metal door frames?

Do you want a proper architrave instead? Would you like an easy solution that transforms them with ease? But how is that possible with the plain metal door frames here in Perth?

Plain metal door frames are common in Perth. They are fitted into the brickwork during construction. Because of this, and up till now you haven’t been able change them. But now you can, and with ease. Introducing Authentic Additions “Easy Frames”. Transform your ugly metal door frames with Authentic Additions door frame mouldings. The end result is truly amazing. And the added bonus? Our products are cost-effective, and fully waterproof too.

Why choose Authentic Additions “Easy Frames”?

Authentic Additions door frames are specifically designed with a rebated edge. As a result, they fit to your existing metal frame. Consequently, there is no need to rip out. Simply add our “Easy Frames” to what you have. Less hassle, less expense, less inconvenience. It’s a win-win situation.

We designed our door mouldings to fit 3 sides of the door. But what if your door is butting up to a wall? No problem, because our door frames suit 2 sides perfectly as well. Sit back and watch your plain metal door frames transform into a stunning feature to be proud of.

We have designed all door frame mouldings as a DIY home improvement product. Check out our full step by step instructional video. In addition we offer email and phone support. Click to view our metal door frame video. For those who prefer not to DIY, we do offer an installation service.

Authentic Additions “Easy Frame” door mouldings, transforming your doorways at an affordable price. What are you waiting for? Contact us today!

See Our Door Frame Designs

Do a standard door way for as little as $105 +gst

Do a standard door way for as little as $105 +gst

Do a standard door way for as little as $105 +gst

Do a standard door way for as little as $105 +gst

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