Ceiling Health Check

When was the last time you had a ceiling health check? If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think much about your ceiling until there’s a problem.

What to Expect from Our Services

We offer unbeatable service, superior quality and 43 years in the industry. It’s Andy and our sons that do all the work – you’re getting an expert every time!

Easy Frame Door Frame Additions

If you have travelled outside of Western Australia, you will be familiar with ornate architraves/door surrounds fitted to highlight and showcase the door itself. Perth, however, is different. Homes in the older, established suburbs have beautiful ornate timber frames, but the majority of Perth’s home-owners have been given no choice and are faced with plain […]

Meet the Authentic Additions Team

The Authentic Additions team is family run, with 40 years of experience in ceilings and repairs. The whole family arrived in Australia in 2002 on Australia day. So here we all are. Andy Hedges- Creative director. Designs & installs Andy is the brains behind Authentic Additions, he’s a do-er, and a problem solver. There’s nothing […]