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Why is My Cornice Cracking?

If you look up at your cornices, there is every chance you will notice some degree of cracking. Even though it is probably superficial, cornice cracking looks ugly.

So why does my cornice crack? There are possibly many reasons but in our 40+ years of worldwide industry experience we believe there are 2 main contributory factors:

  1. Perth homes are built on sand. This allows movement to occur;
  2. Perth climate has extremes of temperature: hot, dry summers, and cool, wet winters.

Timbers shrink back with heat and expand with rain and here lies the problem. When this movement occurs the weakest point is affected. The wall and ceiling are 2 solid surfaces. The weakest point is where they join (the cornice as it pulls away from the wall). And the result is the nasty ugly cornice cracking we see in so many homes in Perth.

How can we stop cornice cracking?

Quite simply, we can’t stop natural movement, but we can find solutions. One solution has been to scrape away the cornice cracking, fill in the gaps and re-fit the cornice back to the wall BUT it is only temporary, and the cracking will return with seasonal movement. There is nothing wrong with this solution but it can be quite costly as it this process will need to be repeated each time the cracking comes back.

Then there is the Authentic Additions PERMANENT solution.

Andy spent several years researching and designing our cornice additions. Not only was he looking for a permanent solution to the nasty cornice cracking, but he also wanted it to be simple and easy to fix and affordable too so that it was readily available for all home-owners.

Fast forward to April 2011 when our ‘Easy Cornice’ additions first entered the Australian market.

All 8 designs are manufactured with a rebated edge that butts up to the existing Gyprock cornice. This concept allows the movement to continue, we can’t stop that, but the ugly cracking occurs BEHIND our product and not underneath it.

Manufactured in a light Polyurethane it is available for all budgets. We have DIY or installation options. It can be fitted to just the bottom of the existing cornice if you want conceal the cornice cracking or you can fit to wall and ceiling if you want to jazz up and enhance your existing plain cornice.

Imagine this scenario. If you were looking at 2 homes up for sale in the same street, similar size and price and one had ugly cornice cracking and one didn’t, which would you purchase? How annoyed would you feel as the home-owner who had lost that sale? Were you even aware the problem can be easily rectified now?

By simply choosing the DIY option and installing our unique lightweight cornice additions for as little as $150.00 (based on a 4m x 4m room), that nasty cornice cracking can be concealed permanently.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.