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What Does Your Sagging Ceilings Mean?

Have you ever looked up and seen this situation of sagging ceilings before? It looks pretty scary right? BUT it doesn’t have to be as awful as it looks. 

We see this problem an awful lot… sagging ceilings.

So why does this happen? 

Plaster-glass ceilings have straps that are dragged over the beam and attached to the plaster-glass sheets. These straps hold the ceiling sheets in place. The old straps were made from a hessian type material. The fibres in the hessian rot and break down over time. Most ceiling issues we see are caused by old, rotting straps, and are a simple, relatively inexpensive fix. 

How are sagging ceilings fixed?

We use fibreglass straps as they are much stronger and don’t rot. They get soaked in a cornice cement or casting plaster before they are hung over the roof beam and attached to the plaster-glass ceiling sheets. Most ceilings do not need to be replaced, and can be saved by re-strapping them. 

Left unfixed, sagging ceilings can become a real problem, even a danger. If left too long the ceiling could collapse, and become a major, expensive headache. Other problems that can cause a ceiling to sag include moisture leaks, termite problems, poor installation, or over-insulation, all of which are much cheaper and easier to fix in their early stages. 

At Authentic Additions, we give you honest and expert advice. We can quickly diagnose the cause of your ceiling sag, and guide you towards the best solution. Our promise is simple… “if it doesn’t need to be replaced we will tell you the truth” and save you thousands of dollars by re-strapping instead of replacing them.

If your ceilings are sagging or if you are just concerned about the condition of your ceiling, contact Authentic Additions today. We can diagnose most ceilings with just a picture and can advise you if repairs are recommended.