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The WORST Cornice Cracking – and What We Did About It

This is some of the worst cornice cracking we’ve seen, but what can you do about it once it’s there? 

When homes are built you always expect a small amount of movement. The cornices installed during building are generally manufactured in Gyprock, which is paper laminated plaster. It is in fact the same material that ceilings are made of. Walls are solid and finished with a grainy sand and cement render, and the cornice cement is harder and stronger than the render until it is fully cured. This can take up to 25 years! Until then, the weakest point is in fact the wall render where it joins the cornice cement. 

When there is any kind of movement, be it from heat (expansion) OR cold (retraction), movement will inevitably find it’s weakest spot and the cornice cement fails where it meets the render. The result?… the cornice then comes away, it is no longer fitted, and as our photo clearly shows, hideous, ugly cracking appears. It doesn’t matter how many times you fill it, it will continue to return.  90% of the time, it is totally superficial, but it still looks ugly. 

Why is this such a problem in WA?

We cannot be sure but we believe it is because our homes tend to be built on sand, which does cause a little bit more movement than other surfaces. But, WA homes are brick built with render on the walls. And, as we explained, that is where the problem starts. 

It can be especially difficult if you’re thinking of selling. Would you walk into a home and buy it if you looked up and saw that ugly cracking? For most people the sight of cracks sends warning bells going. Structural problem?!!……but this is not necessarily the case. Often that cracking underneath the cornice is superficial, but it is still enough to put buyers off. 

Our solution to the problem

Cracked cornices are unsightly, but aren’t necessarily a structural issue, so covering them up is often the best option. Our lightweight cornice additions have been specifically designed by Authentic Additions, to conceal that cracking PERMANENTLY.  

Contact us today and say goodbye to ugly cornice cracking forever. We don’t just do interior ceiling installation and repairs, we install outside too. Give us a call for a competitive “no obligation” free measure and quote and have your outdoor entertaining area ready for the summer BBQ’s.

For as little as $100.00* our lightweight cornice additions can be fitted onto the edge of the existing plain cornice. All our cornice additions have been designed with a rebate that allows the movement to continue behind the cornice. Even the largest amount of cracking is concealed.

With 8 designs to choose from, we have something for every style of home – contemporary, modern, federation. Even if you do not have cracking along the bottom of the cornices, our “add ons” will transform and upgrade your tired, plain, existing cornices. They simply fit onto the existing cornice, there is very little mess involved.

If you are looking to sell your home, or just give it a smarten up, but have the problem of cracked cornices, contact us today. If you’re worried your problem might be bigger, get in touch, and we can help you determine whether your cracking is structural or cosmetic.