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Bathroom Renovation: Tiling Solutions

Bathroom renovations with floor to ceiling tiles

With borders closed for international travel, we have witnessed a huge increase in home renovation, and at the top comes bathroom renovations. Tiling from floor to ceiling has been trending for some time and we appreciate why. The large rectangular tiles look stunning, but there is one major downfall, their thickness results in them sticking […]

The WORST Cornice Cracking – and What We Did About It

This is some of the worst cornice cracking we’ve seen, but what can you do about it once it’s there?  When homes are built you always expect a small amount of movement. The cornices installed during building are generally manufactured in Gyprock, which is paper laminated plaster. It is in fact the same material that […]

What Does Your Sagging Ceilings Mean?

Have you ever looked up and seen this situation of sagging ceilings before? It looks pretty scary right? BUT it doesn’t have to be as awful as it looks.  We see this problem an awful lot… sagging ceilings. So why does this happen?  Plaster-glass ceilings have straps that are dragged over the beam and attached […]

Why is My Cornice Cracking?

If you look up at your cornices, there is every chance you will notice some degree of cracking. Even though it is probably superficial, cornice cracking looks ugly. So why does my cornice crack? There are possibly many reasons but in our 40+ years of worldwide industry experience we believe there are 2 main contributory […]