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Bathroom Renovation: Tiling Solutions

Bathroom renovations with floor to ceiling tiles

With borders closed for international travel, we have witnessed a huge increase in home renovation, and at the top comes bathroom renovations.

Tiling from floor to ceiling has been trending for some time and we appreciate why. The large rectangular tiles look stunning, but there is one major downfall, their thickness results in them sticking out from the existing cornice and metal door frames. This gives a really unprofessional finish.

The customer now has a choice:

  • leave the cornice and door frame ‘as is’, fit the tiles and have them stick out so the definition of bath cornice and door frame is lost completely, resulting in a sub-standard finish – why spend all that money for your bathroom renovation to look at its very best, just “OK”?;
  • pay to have a cornice fixer remove the existing cornice before tiling, and re-install once the tiles are fitted. This has its own set of problems, as it can expose underlying damage in the ceiling. It can even pull an unstable ceiling down. At the very least, it is going to cost the customer somewhere in the region of $500 (excluding GST) to use this option;
  • pay to have a timber trim fitted on top of the metal frame after tiling, but again this comes with its problems as timber swells and cracks when it gets wet and that looks unsightly.


For as little as $120 (excluding GST) we can supply our CA09 tile trim and AA05 door trim for tiling. We designed them specifically to fit onto the existing cornice and metal door frames before tiling. The tiles then fit straight up to them leaving a perfect finish every time.

Our tiling solutions for bathroom renovations are simple and easy to use so you can do it yourself as a home renovation project.

If you’re looking to hire someone for your home renovations, here are some tilers that use our Authentic Additions products regularly: