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Easy Frame Door Frame Additions

If you have travelled outside of Western Australia, you will be familiar with ornate architraves/door surrounds fitted to highlight and showcase the door itself. Perth, however, is different. Homes in the older, established suburbs have beautiful ornate timber frames, but the majority of Perth’s home-owners have been given no choice and are faced with plain metal door frames.

The problem is, being installed at build stage into the brickwork, it doesn’t leave much opportunity to change them. To remove the surrounding brickwork involves a huge amount of mess and inconvenience.

That’s where Authentic Additions ‘Easy Frames’ come in.

Having been brought up in the UK, we are used to seeing more ornate frames, so you can imagine the reaction when we stumbled upon the plain metal frames 20 years ago. Andy being the problem solver he is, it was inevitable he would come up with a solution. In 2011, after much design and drafting, Authentic Additions ‘Easy Frames’ were introduced to the Perth home-buyers market.

Our door frame additions are manufactured in a dense Polyurethane, which makes them both pliable and fully waterproof. Their design allows them to sit onto the outside edge of the existing plain metal door frame, eliminating the need to rip anything out. They simply fit onto the existing metal door frame covering almost all of it except the inside 10mm. 

Simple and easy to install, perfect for your next DIY project.

Their simplicity allows them to be on sale for the DIY enthusiast, or we can install them for you. As our photo demonstrates, the outer rebate butts up to the outside edge of the door frame, and the inner rebate butts up to the inner 10mm of the existing door frame. Once painted, they give a beautiful feature finish to every door in your home. 

With 4 designs to choose from, we can supply for a single door from as little as $75.00 (installation is an additional charge). 

Why wait?

Make the switch now from plain metal door frames with Authentic Additions ‘Easy Frame’ door frame additions. We guarantee you will be glad you did. Contact us today or click here to view our door frame designs.