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3 reasons why you should use our tile trim in your bathroom renovation

Tile trim installed on cornice during bathroom renovation

Renovating your bathroom can be a lot of work especially when it comes to tiling up to the cornice. New tiles are thicker and quite often result in the tiles sticking out from the cornice. You may not notice this but once you do, you can’t unsee it!

uneven finish of tiles during bathroom renovation

Well we have the perfect solution to this tiling dilemma and that is our tile trim. If you’re looking for a way to make your renovation a bit easier, here’s why you should consider our tile trim:

Saves you time & money

What usually happens during a bathroom renovation when a tiler is planning to tile up to the cornice is that the existing cornices would be ripped off. Then the cornice will be put up again after tiling is completed to hide the tiles from sticking out. However, with our tile trim there is no need to rip out the existing cornice. Simply install our trim to the cornice before tiling and when the tiles are installed up to the trim, you will have a perfect finish.

So instead of spending time ripping out the old cornice, you can get straight to tiling, saving you several hours. And instead of spending on the labour needed to remove the existing cornice and replacing it later, installing our tile trim is a far more cost efficient alternative. 

Easy to install

All our products were made to be suitable for DIY. Hence our tile trim is easy to install without any need for special tools or expertise. Simply measure the length of the cornice and cut the trim to fit. Our trims are lightweight and fit quickly. We highly recommend using the “quick grab” construction adhesive we stock and sell. Alternatively you can use liquid nails.

If you’re planning to hire a professional for your bathroom renovations and they explain that they have to remove the existing cornice before tiling, feel free to point them our way. We would love to introduce more trades people to our products which would save them time and provide their clients with better results.

Perfect finish to your bathroom renovation

completed bathroom renovation with tile trim installed

Bathroom renovations can be costly so you’d want it to turn out great. Like we mentioned before, tiles sticking out from the cornice is a problem that can’t be unseen once you notice it. With our tile trim, you’ll have the perfect finish of tiles to cornice every time. Plus our trims come primed and ready for paint so you can customise them to your colour scheme.

We also do door trims for bathrooms

Sometimes, when tiling to the metal frames, the tiles stick out and the door frame simply “gets lost”.

Besides tile trims for cornices, we also have door trims that fit onto your existing metal frame so you can have the same perfect finishing to your doors. If you have any questions about our tile trims, please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.