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Keeping Cost Down on Ceiling Repairs or Installation

At Authentic Additions, we’re a family owned and run business, and we believe in keeping our services as affordable and high quality as possible. As with many kinds of building repairs /installations, having work done on your ceilings can get expensive quickly, so what do we do to keep our costs down?

Small Jobs South of the River

While most of our work tends to be larger installations and repairs, we do take on small jobs like patching light holes, sockets, filling in holes in walls and ceilings where doors and cupboards have been removed – but unfortunately we don’t do them South of the river. These types of smaller jobs start to get expensive quickly. Once you factor in a couple of hours sitting in traffic on the way down from our Clarkson warehouse and back, costs start to climb on something as simple as a one hour patch job.

We’d rather not charge for 4 hours of our travel time, and we’d rather be on the tools than sitting in traffic. If you have a small patch job like this in Perth’s southern suburbs, we’d rather refer you to someone closer to you than pointlessly build up the bill.

If you’re South of the river with a bigger ceiling problem or repairs, we can definitely help sort it out. That can include:

  • installing a new ceiling
  • re-strapping several ceilings in your house. Depending on the size of the ceiling we can often do 2-3 in one house on the same day, saving you money
  • Installing our specialist cornices and door frames. Our products are designed and manufactured by us at Authentic Additions. You don’t need us to install them, they’re easy to put up yourself, and fit right onto the edges of your existing cornices and metal door frames, but if you’d like the professional touch, we can do them for you, even South of the CBD (minimum 20 lengths cornice additions. Minimum 5 no. door frames)

Northern Suburbs

Because we are Northern suburbs based, our scope of work is much wider, and we take on all smaller jobs too. But we still like to make it as cost effective as possible for our customers so to keep costs down on smaller jobs (1-2 hours) we fit them in while attending larger fit outs nearby. We try to give as much notice as possible, but sometimes it can be short notice (1-2 days).

If you have a smaller job and need an exact date and time that suits you, we do charge a minimum fee in addition to our standard rate, but we will give an indication of the time we’ll be there and actually show up in that window. The reason we have a policy like this specifically for small jobs is so we can keep costs down for everyone. We understand you’re busy, and try to be as accommodating as possible.

We Don’t Run Accounts

All small jobs and new customers are required to settle their account when the job is complete. Generally that means, when tools go down and the guys are ready to leave. If you need a written quotation and invoice sent to your accounting team for payment, we need to be notified when first discussing the job, and we need the signed quote accepting our payment terms before we begin work. Payment is then due on receipt on invoice, and late payments do incur charges.

We have this policy to enable us to keep our overheads as low as possible, and to prevent us from having to chase up payments. This keeps our costs down, which we hope keeps your costs down too.

We Have a Cancellation Fee

To keep our commitments to our clients, we do require notice of cancellation. If you need to move your appointment with us, let us know a MINIMUM of 48hours in advance. We understand life can be hectic, particularly since the pandemic began. We do try to work around your needs as much as possible, but late cancellations cost us money and throw out schedules for other customers. If you fail to let us know you need to cancel more than 48 hours in advance, a cancellation fee of $200 (ex gst) will apply.

At Authentic Additions, we care about the quality of the work we do, and making sure our customers get the results they want, at a competitive price. Our policies are designed to make sure that can happen, and that everyone walks away happy.

We offer a huge range of ceiling repairs and installation services, including, but not limited to:

  • ceilings in office buildings
  • ceilings in residential homes
  • ceilings in apartments
  • ceilings in alfresco & outdoor areas
  • commercial, office & light industrial ceilings


  • We also do ceiling repairs, which can include anything from patching a hole to replacing an entire section of ceiling.
  • We patch the vent holes for air conditioning companies where they rip out old evaporative systems and replace with ducted reverse cycle
  • We patch ceilings where electricians and insulation contractors have accidentally put their foot through the roof and damaged the ceiling.

In fact there is very little we don’t do when it comes to ceilings. We’re always happy to chat with you about your ceiling needs, so if you’re not sure about what kind of job you’ve got in front of you, get in touch.